Thursday, March 22, 2012

28 before twenty-eight

This year I turn 28 and that number just seems more "adult." Like I should have life figured out. 28 year olds are established in their careers and in their homes. But not us, call us some "young" 28 year olds. :) The hubs graduates from Law School this year and where we end up after the bar is still to be determined. But what I do know is that this life is a sweet one, and I would not trade it for anything. What I can do is make the most of it and do something wonderful with it.

While most of the time leading up to my birthday in October will be spent in transition, and even the details of that transition are still quite ambiguous, I thought I could make a few goals for myself to accomplish before the big 28. Some of these are uber personal, but I'll post a few for you (or rather me) to enjoy and be accountable to.

1. Make successful sourdough bread, whole wheat of course.
2. Improve photography.
3. Memorize one book of the Bible (currently working on 1 John).
4. Read a new book each month.
5. Make tansitions to traditional foods (first up, cod liver oil plus butter oil, hopefully followed by raw milk).
6. Run half marathon.
7. Start sewing a quilt.
8. Make yogurt at home.
9. Create a home cleaning notebook.
10. Hike McAffe's Knob.
11. Travel somewhere new.

These are just a few of the goals that made the list. Many of my goals on this list seem insignificant in the grand scheme of life. Looking back at my previous statement of wanting to do something wonderful with this life leaves me yearning for more. However, in this quiet before the storm of transition approaches, I want to soak in the simplicity of a sweet life, nurturing our small family, preparing for what is next. Hopefully by my 28th birthday we will be settling into a new groove of life, sans homework. :)

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