Saturday, January 9, 2010

Married Life

One of my favorite topics is my sweet and handsome hubby. I feel so blessed to be married to Phil. He is kind, intelligent, funny, can carry a tune, genuine, hard working, and good looking. His joy is contagious. I knew the first night I hung out with him that I was going to marry him, though I wouldn't dare admit it then.

One of the magazines that I enjoy browsing is Real Simple. For the February issue, they published an article about happily married couples that have been together for over 50(!) years. I have to say it is refreshing to see media out there promoting marriage. Reading these couples' stories and seeing their pictures brought such joy to my heart. One of the wives reflected on her marriage and said, "If anything, the time went too fast." I hope that I can say that in 50 years of my marriage. Already in the six months of wedded bliss I feel like time has flown by.

As I look back on the past six months of married life, I think one of the things that stand out most is the attitude of service. Phillip continually reminds me what it is to serve as Christ. He gives and gives and gives and does so joyfully. It is so easy for me to give into my selfish temptations and desire my needs and wants above all else. I see Phil put me first. Its in the little things, like helping put my coat on, or opening my car door, or getting up to greet me when  I walk in the door. I also see it in the big things, like spending quality time with me before he plays video games, telling me daily that  he loves me and thinks I am beautiful (and I believe him every time), and cooking me dinner and doing the dishes. I am a lucky gal.

I love married life and look forward to the life ahead of us. I hope that we leave a legacy in our kids' lives of a happy, godly marriage.

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